Guillermo Coronado

Managing Broker

Realty Right

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About Guillermo Coronado

Realty Right offers was founded by Real Estate Broker Guillermo Coronado which started his real estate career in 2002.

Before becoming licensed in the State of Texas and eventually a Real Estate Broker, he became an airline pilot and still holds his flying license today. He maintains a position as a professional airline pilot while running his Real Estate Firm Realty Right and loves both aspects of his life; somehow being able to manage both very well with little to no problems.

His formula to success is surrounding himself with the most Highly Ethical professionals in the industry with the public’s best interest in mind. During the Foreclosure debacle that started in 2005, Mr. Coronado made the investment, rolled up his sleeves, hired staff and became Houston’s Top Short Sale Specialist, helping homeowners write off debt, and many times negotiated with lenders a way for homeowners to keep their home. Again investing in the Houston area consumer. The Short Sale office is still open today serving the public.

Now Mr Coronado also saw a need for an Honest Professional House Buying and Community Development Company so FastCash Offers was formed . Fast Cash Offers is a Texas based professional house buying company helping today’s Homeowners with a Guaranteed Cash offer and on time closing.